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Purely Prime Tender Turkey Sausage Slices

Extra tender sausage slices are made using over 90% US turkey right here in the USA. These all natural, Applewood smoked, limited ingredient turkey meat treats are perfect for all ages and sizes of dogs. Designed to be easily torn with coconut and SuperFoods for optimal health benefits. Absent of sugars and low in sodium.

  • Fully cooked and ready to eat turkey sausage slices made in the USA
  • Over 90% USA Original Turkey plus SuperFoods for optimal nutrition
  • Grain free, gluten free, dairy free and soy free
  • No artificial ingredients, colors, or flavors. Naturally preserved
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Editors Choice Awards 2017

2017 pet business award

All Natural Fully Cooked Treats
Turkey sausage image with the text grain free and over 90% turkey
Three Sausage Recipe Details
For pet wellness- grain free, gluten free, dairyfree, soyfree

Tender Turkey Sausage Slices

Original Turkey


Purely Prime | Original Turkey
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Turkey Plus

Pumpkin & Chia

Purely Prime | Turkey Sausage plus Pumpkin & Whole Chia Seed
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Turkey Plus

Carrot & Quinoa

Purely Prime | Turkey plus Carrot & Quinoa
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