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fresh Smileezz, fresh minty breath and clean teeth

Our delicious all natural Fresh Smileezz grain free dog dental treats are now available in a pre-packed floor standing shipper.  Each display includes 12 of our Fresh Smileezz dog dental 6 ounce bags in each of the 4 chew sizes for a total of 48 pieces.  The re-sealable pouch bags are perfect for rewarding your dog and keeping their favorite Fresh Smileezz dog dental chews fresh and moist for their daily brushing routine.

Display Dimensions: 67″ H x 19″ W x 7.5″ D

Available through your local Emerald Pet distributor

Mini, for dogs from 1 to 15 pounds
Small, for dogs 15 to 30 pounds
Medium, for dogs 30 to 50 pounds
Large, for dogs 50 to 80 pounds

Smileezz Shipper

Crafted for Pet Specialty Retailers

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